Hi! I'm Julanna

I have a passion for creating beautiful things! Whether by accident or on purpose - I love the process and become absorbed with the way the colours blend, how the patterns form, and the way paint can expose texture. My work is a true labour of love.

I'm inspired by the mood and feelings a well designed space creates, and feel honoured at any opportunity to collaborate with designers or clients. Good design and good relationships come from collaboration. I'm excited to make something beautiful with you, or be able to offer a piece from my collection of work for your space.



The Process

Hand-dyed // I have been practicing the Shibori techniques. This involves folding and/or binding fabric in different forms to create a resist to control the flow of dye. Sometimes I apply a dye solution to the fabric, and other times I ice-dye by applying direct powdered pigment to ice which is layered over the fabric. The results are breathtaking and I love watching the colour blends and forms that emerge.

Hand-Painted // I've always found painting to be therapeutic, and have forever enjoyed blending colours. I also use self-carved blocks or other found objects for printing. My work is often inspired by architectural motifs, and colour play. 

I'm Located in Toronto, Canada

Let's Talk soon!